"Slow Fashion is the movement of designing, creating, and buying garments for quality and longevity. Slow fashion encourages slower production schedules, fair wages, lower carbon footprints, and (ideally) zero waste."


as designers we strive to ensure the longevity of your clothing (yes, even for fast growing littles) by sourcing high quality fabrics, offering traditional cuts with thoughtful tweaks and creating versatile, timeless pieces.

we cut our fabric to ensure the offcuts are as small as we can possibly manage and we keep all of our offcuts to repurpose in our designs, even becoming features. they are the patches on bottoms, reinforcements in knees and behind buttons and are pieced together to form completely new items wherever possible. no offcut is discarded, it is held onto until we can find the perfect use for the piece.

we know that you, our customers recognise quality and appreciate a well made garment that can be worn again and again. a unique garment that looks fantastic but is easy to care for and delivers happiness. we understand that you look for longevity and are conscious that these pieces can be passed on to special littles to enjoy time and again.

we love to offer you enduring yet innovative pieces. this is slow fashion. we are slow fashion. our pieces are thoughtfully created and then offered on to you, when they are ready. they are made in our kensington studio with lesley's skilled hands. they go through melanie's hands for finishing. sometimes we enlist the experienced hands of nanna shirl. that's it. three pairs of hands making something special for you. slowly. carefully. thoughtfully.

designed and handmade in kensington, melbourne; the mr willo range provides unique, small run pieces to ensure your little is an individual.

born out of a boyswear 'black hole', mr willo specialises in inspired, eye-catching shirts and well considered, practical wear for the littles in your life.

pieces that can be dressed up or down but always played in. these are pieces you won't want your littles to grow out of, but you will want to pass down.

mr willo • we love to play


to find out more about us and our story please visit our feature on Babyolgy or great melbourne blog 'Happy Ella After' to read our 'Ella Loves Local' feature.